Western Settings, No Gimmick, Reason Unknown

Fri, March 31, 2017

7:00 pm

Pub Rock

Scottsdale, AZ


This event is 21 and over

Jay Northington and Chris Matulich formed Nothington in 2006 and it was clear from the very beginning that these
gritty anthems were connecting with audiences and the band received a great response from listeners and peers alike. They hit the road and developed a synergy that is evident on their sophomore release, Road, Bridges, & Ruins. On this release we saw the rise of co-vocalist, Chris Matulich, who brought melody and nuance to their sound, and made them contemporaries with bands like Gaslight Anthem and The Menzingers.

Armed with two songwriters and two singers, Nothington jumped to Chicago label Red Scare for 2011's Borrowed Time. This
was a breakout release and by this time the band was so popular in Europe that they frequently made transatlantic trips and
were getting tour oers from mainstream bands. But all the while Nothington stayed diligent to their craft and loyal to their
core audience: the outsiders who sing along with beers held high.

In The End will be the first full length studio album from the band in 5 years. After playing a thousand sweaty shows and the
occasional spurt of activity in the form of a 7" or a tour with The Lawrence Arms, the band went into hibernation. The guys
needed to catch their breath, catch up with friends, and catch up with adulthood. But recently things have materialized and
Nothington plans on making a triumphant return to Europe to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of their first album.
Western Settings
Western Settings
Without each other, we have nothing!!!
No Gimmick
Ripping off 90s punk rock since the 90s.

No Gimmick's sound is purposely hard to define, though some say they sound like the caffeinated bastard child of NOFX and Face to Face. Known for a raucous live performance and described as “flip the bird in your face obnoxious,” this power punk trio has been “rocking crowds into near riots” since 1996.

Hailing from Phoenix Arizona No Gimmick has played countless local shows as well as brief stints in L.A. and Mexico. They’ve shared the stage with Marky Ramone, Nerf Herder, Authority Zero, Masked Intruder, Punk Rock Karaoke, Implants, Guttermouth, CKY, Elway, Pour Habit, Sugarcult, Rufio, Ten Foot Pole, Against All Authority, Mr. T Experience, Jughead’s Revenge, Margate, DC Fallout, Antifreeze, Riddlin' Kids, Civet, Bionic Jive, Stereotyprider, Scary Kids Scaring Kids, Fred Green, Trik Turner, Tickertape Parade, Something Corporate, and also played Warped Tour ‘02.

No Gimmick was named “Best Punk Band” by the Arizona Infusion of Music Awards in ’03 and has been featured in punk rock compilations, AZPUNK.comp (Volumes 1, 2 & 4), Precision Punk, Zia Records (2012) and others.

Loss For Words is the sophomore effort to their '02 release One Wop, Two Micks and a Bean -- a parody on NOFX's '92 release that saw airplay on X 103.9’s Ska Punk Show and Local Music Showcase as well as spent some time on Zia Records Top 10 Local Charts.

After numerous line-up changes at the drummer position, the band settled in with Andrew Jones after recording Era of Cowards. Guitarist/singer Johnny had two kids and singer/bassist Josh followed suit with one. The life-changing experiences this group has fought through together has made their music more mature and angrier.

No Gimmick's latest record, Loss For Words was released in February 2011. The trio is currently working on releasing their new EP, Judy in mid 2014.

The band is available for interviews and appearances, please contact us for more information.
Reason Unknown
Reason Unknown is a band that plays an energetic and engaging brand of punk rock. Since they started in 2006 they have taken their high powered, in-your-face shows to stages all over Arizona, Nevada, and California. With two albums under their belts and currently writing a third, they show no sign of slowing down. Through the years they have shared stages with: The Adicts, Agent Orange, The Briggs, Left Alone, DC Fallout, Get Dead, Morning Glory, D.I., Total Chaos, and many others. Be sure to check out a show next time they are in your area. As one reviewer stated, "Reason Unknown is simply some good ol' fashioned punk rock.
Venue Information:
Pub Rock
8005 East Roosevelt Street
Scottsdale, AZ, 85257