The 10th Annual Mustache Massacre

The 10th Annual Mustache Massacre

Ikonoklast, 80*D, Goth Brooks, Camel Enamel, The Kas - Kit Dance

Sat February 24

7:00 pm


Tickets at the Door

This event is all ages

The 10th Annual Mustache Massacre
The 10th Annual Mustache Massacre
The great mustache-ing returns!
Grow it, glue it, draw it, clip it, tape it, make it....

It's the 10th Annual Mustache MASSACRE!
...and Josh Wa Eike's 40th Birthday Bash!

Just show up at the door with a mustache and you get in FREE!
Don't feel like joining the fun? No worries, it's only $5!
All ages. Bar with ID.
Pub Rock Live
8005 East Roosevelt St. Scottsdale, AZ 85257
Doors @ 7:00 PM

So, trim your sister's armpit hair, shave a dead muskrat, or steal the president's toupee. 'Cuz we don't care where you get the hair, as long as it's there!

This year's entertainment provided by:

Goth Brooks
Camel Enamel
The Kas - Kit Dance

with DJs //SHE// and Zander spinning between sets!

Photo booth TBA!
Get yo' bad-ass mo'-fro' pho-togged to show your grand kids what a freakin' weirdo you were!
Please feel free to tip the photographers! They work hard and do a great job!
Also, photo prints will be available on the spot for only $5!

Mustache Rules:
*Must be hands-free (attached to your face somehow)
*No finger mustaches! (drawing on finger and placing to face)
*5 o'clock shadow does not count (add some roughage to that stubble!)
*The more outrageous, the better! (get creative, there is a contest!)

Contest will be held after Goth Brooks. Contest participants will be asked to stand on the stage. Audience will then have a chance to vote. Tie breakers will ultimately be judged by the hosts.

1st place - Mustache Messiah
2nd place - Bristle Baron
(Prizes subject to change)



Proudly presented by Screeching Harassment Ent.
Contact: Jonah Foree 602.578.3110

Set Times:
7:00 = Doors
8:00-8:30 = The Kas - Kit Dance
8:45-9:15 = Camel Enamel
9:30-10:15 = Goth Brooks
10:15-10:25= mustache contest
10:30-11:15= 80*D
11:30-12:15= Ikonoklast
From Phoenix Arizona this industrial metal group is brutal
Jonah Foree - vox
Josh "Wa" Eike - guitar
Andrew Wadey - bass
Goth Brooks
Goth Brooks
...from the desert they came. Renegades of Shadow Town, the last Rock Stars on the Prairie, the original Motherfuckers from Hell. Blending Industrial+Country+Mash-Up audio Wizardry - there's a new sheriff in town - and GOTH BROOKS wants your band out by noon tomorrow.
Venue Information:
Pub Rock
8005 East Roosevelt Street
Scottsdale, AZ, 85257