The Weirdos

The Nile Presents

The Weirdos


Wed July 25

7:00 pm

$13.00 - $15.00

The Weirdos
In early 1977 The WEIRDOS mighty sound and singular style were the big-bang igniting the L.A. punk rock scene. In a 1977 interview for SLASH magazine they proclaimed "we're not punks, we're weirdos from Hollyweird!". This was'nt just goofy sloganeering this was a stance intended to distinguish The WEIRDOS as a band apart from the burgeoning punk rock scenes in New York and London. After all, The WEIRDOS were dwelling in thier own urban wasteland (LA) which they embodied in thier songs, graphics and clothes. In 1990, after releasing records on BOMP, DANGERHOUSE and RHINO, The WEIRDOS released the CONDOR LP and the crucial WEIRD WORLD VOL. I on FRONTIER. In 2003 The WEIRDOS released the long-awaited WEIRD WORLD Vol. II; a collection of studio and live recordings. Dateline: July 7, 2004---The WEIRDOS are declared winners of the 2004 L.A. WEEKLY Music Awards for BEST PUNK ROCK/HARDCORE BAND. Read the latest WEIRDOS interview in SKRATCH MAGAZINE on-line at Also; hear The WEIRDOS 1977 classic SOLITARY CONFINEMENT in the new film LORDS OF DOGTOWN. ...and coming soon on FRONTIER lookout for 'The WEIRDOS - Live On Radio'
Venue Information:
Pub Rock
8005 East Roosevelt Street
Scottsdale, AZ, 85257