Orenda, After the Calm


After the Calm

Smile on the Sinner, Ring Hollow, Without Falter

Sat February 2

7:00 pm

$10.00 - $12.00

This event is all ages

Orenda is a Native American word meaning “the power of human will to change the world”- something they have every intention of doing.

The idea of Orenda began in 2013 after vocalist Winston Purkiss and lead guitarist/songwriter Jason Hinkle began working on music together. After trying out a few different members, Orenda recruited Zach True on bass and the band launched in early 2014, later being joined by Connor Mulhern on drums.

Drawing from several different influences that cover ground from Green Day to modern metalcore and hardcore acts, Orenda has aimed to create something heavy and melodically technical, without ever abandoning the drive to be catchy and infectious. Never desiring to rely on studio tricks or digital workings, Orenda has strived to remain as organic as possible in their sound. Fans of A Day To Remember, The Ghost Inside, and Architects will feel right at home.

The true intention, the real heart and soul behind Orenda is a melting pot. Each member has grown up being heavily involved and attached to a music scene, and that became the basis for what the band stands for and hopes to accomplish. A tight-knit music scene taught the entirety of Orenda a sense of community and understanding, as well as instilled a love of live music and the atmosphere it creates, and that permeates the very core of what the band is about. Whether it’s making a statement to wake the world up to what is to come, or introspection that could help someone make it to the next day, the stage is a soapbox and music is a language anyone can understand the world over. It doesn’t matter if you know the words to every song and they mean the world to you, or you simply need a mosh pit as a stress reliever; every member of Orenda has felt that, and wishes to extend that understanding hand to the next generation of listeners. And with the power of human will, they may accomplish that just yet.
After the Calm
From Glendale Arizona, this 5-piece band fuses punk-rock and melodic-hardcore harmonies. Their set ranges from upbeat vibes to down-tuned brawls, always leaving a breathless crowd thirsty for more.
On vocals we have Logan Miracle; rhythm we have Jonathan Habermacher; lead we have David Nunez; bass we have Henry Cota; and on drums we have Kody Rattler.

The band was formed in the summer of 2014, recording their first single Valor in August of 2015. Later that year, AtC recorded a cover song/music video of Cups (When I'm Gone) originally performed by Anna Kendrick in Pitch Perfect.
Several shows later, the boys of After the Calm now opens for some of their biggest influences!
Without Falter
Without Falter
Venue Information:
Pub Rock
8005 East Roosevelt Street
Scottsdale, AZ, 85257